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How will Brexit affect your next buy-to-let purchase?

Changes on the scale of Brexit only happen once in a lifetime. Despite the size of the change ahead, a  recent BBC report stated that Brexit wasn't deterring Asian investors from choosing buy-to-let property in the UK.

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Brexit and buy-to-let investment property

The Brexit process was officially launched on March 29 when the UK Prime Minister formally notified European Council President Donald Tusk of Britain's intention to leave the EU.

What is Article 50?
1) Article 50 are the rules for exit written in the Lisbon Treaty.
2) The UK is the first country to leave the EU and these rules haven't been used before.
3) The UK has until April 2019 to try to negotiate its exit from the EU.

What will happen to property prices?
We have an idea of what will happen:
1) Demand will still outweigh supply.
2) There won't be huge changes or a dip in the market.
3) Demand will still be high in the Northern Powerhouse cities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.
4) Large projects such as HS2 will have an effect on property prices.
5) House prices are still expected to rise
6) Five-year mainstream rent forecast is 19%.

Source: BBC News, Brexit not deterring Asian investors from UK property market.


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