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Purchasing an investment property can seem daunting so you will probably have a lot of questions about the process – and rightly so! Below we have outlined a selection of FAQs we deal with from current and prospective investors, including informed and expert market insights into every aspect of property investment.

Off-plan properties are ones that are invested in before they have been built. The main benefit generally speaking is that the properties are discounted below the market value. Even if the property is bought at today’s value, by the time it is built and full payment is due it will be way below the price of other properties of the same specification around it. New developments are also often in hot spot areas with other regeneration projects close by, meaning you get first dibs on the next hottest place to live. Investing in the right area and choosing a reputable, reliable developer with a strong track record are the best ways to guarantee the success of your investment.

Buy to let involves buying a property with the purpose of letting it out to tenants. It is an extremely popular type of property investment due to the current climate we are in. Generation rent is amongst us with many younger professionals choosing renting over buying due to the flexibility it gives. In addition, owning a property is becoming more out of reach to many due to being priced out of the market. Rental prices average a 2% increase year on year and rents are expected to grow by 20% over the next five years with more than 7.2 million rental households by 2025.

Our property developments have to pass a comprehensive 3 stage due diligence process before any decisions are finalised. We focus on high-yielding properties appealing to young professionals in hot spot areas, predominantly within the Northern Powerhouse.

The feedback we get the most is how personalised our service is. We don’t exist to simply offer you a property investment and be done with it, we do much more. We help you in the progression of the purchase, from walking you through the correct forms to recommending the best solicitors in the field. Still it doesn’t stop there, with our complete property investment service we also help you to get the best calibre Tenants so your property can start producing your desired income.

Property is one of the safest investments for building wealth. History shows that over the long-term property always appreciates in value, keeping up with inflation. In addition you get the double benefit of a positive cash flow every month from rental income. Other investments are deemed to be more risky and keeping money in the bank devalues its worth due to inflation.

We know that everyone has different requirements, that’s why we make sure there’s something for everyone with both off-plan and already built developments. These two different types of investments have their own benefits so it’s really up to you which works best for your goals. Have a look at all of our developments here.

We have a very comprehensive 3 stage due diligence process. Being in the industry since 2004 we know all of the questions we need to ask to cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Our process involves an initial 5 page developer questionnaire, followed by background checks that aren’t just limited to the developer but also the construction company, all directors and anyone else involved in the build. We assess all of the many documents we require for sign off to check that everything is as stated and there are no unforeseen disputes.

There isn’t a set amount of money you are required to have to be able to invest in property. We have properties ranging from £55,000 all the way up to almost £400,000. We work with you to listen to your requirements and help you choose the best investment for your goals.

The Northern Powerhouse is the region to watch. Extensive regeneration programmes have meant that multiple big companies are choosing to relocate from the capital to the North, such as Manchester BBC Media City and Leeds Channel 4 National HQ.


With this brings a pool of young talent wanting to live in these cities where the cost of living is lower and their quality of life is higher than London. With transport connections being upgraded UK wide and schemes such as HS2 making London very commutable, living in these Northern cities won’t feel as disconnected and more and more will choose to call it home.


In addition to the appeal to companies and residents, for investors these areas are great because the prices are still low to buy and rental prices are still good, making for high-yielding investments.

This all comes down to the investment you choose as some developers may include furniture within the purchase price, but some do not. We always recommend having a furnished apartment due to the higher rental demand it brings. ERE Property can provide you with high-quality furniture packs at competitive rates.

This will depend on the development you choose, however we tend to have a mixture of developments with both cash and mortgage options available. Please speak to your investment director to find out which is available.

An Escrow account is an account in which your deposited funds are held by a third party. This is to safeguard your money and ensure the funds are not released to the developer in one lump sum, but at different agreed stages within the build.

Purchase costs vary between different developments

The most common cost include:

  • Legal Costs
  • Registration fees and Searches
  • Stamp Duty 
  • Purchase taxes (depending on the location)

You are entitled to use which ever solicitor you choose to represent you. The reason we often recommend solicitors to our investors is because when solicitors have worked together before it usually creates a much easier and smoother process all round.

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